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Driving license rescue attempt "Corona" (only by prior agreement)

Driving license rescue attempt "Corona" (only by prior agreement)

€900.00 Regular Price
€810.00Sale Price

Are you accused of an administrative offense or criminal offense and are you no longer authorized to drive a vehicle (driving ban or driver's license confiscated)? Because of the corona crisis, are you or your family members experiencing unacceptable hardship? We try to help, but emphasize that it is currently unclear whether the Corona crisis can lead to unreasonable hardship. During the Corona crisis, we can also organize our help online. Personal contact can be reduced to a minimum. We will contact the police, fine, public prosecutor or the driving license authority. We advise you promptly and at any time by telephone. We try to avert serious consequences, such as loss of driving license, a driving ban, fines or, for example, logbook requirements. Attorney Matthias Ehspanner will assist you as your experienced and personal attorney and will show you solution or defense strategies. If you have legal protection insurance, we can take over the cover request from the insurance company. Most of the costs could be reimbursed to you. You can calm down. We take care that your opportunities are used in the best possible way.

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