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Vlog and legal tips - easy to digest, suitable for everyday use -
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Über JuraSnacks


What shoud that?

You have a turbulent everyday life. There are problems here and there: You bought something that didn't fit. You got a nodule. You have stress with the employer. Someone drives you to the car. Perhaps he will evaporate without leaving his contact details. Maybe you are suspected and you are innocent from the country - should you talk or be silent for now?


All of these everyday questions are answered step by step and easily digestible. Why? Because it helps before unnecessary arguments and problems arise .


A JuraSnack is easy to digest, suitable for everyday use. A JuraSnack increases cleverness in no time.


A JuraSnack shows that we as solve problems professionally - in the best case even before they arise.


To avoid misunderstandings:
Our lawyers do a hard and important job. We are a business company that pays high taxes like you. Good individual legal advice costs
money like any other professional activity. Nevertheless, as a www.24hour office. de make a small contribution for you with our JuraSnacks to avoid common mistakes. We can make you smarter. We can entertain you. We can show that good legal advice, which is also subject to a fee, does not only require a lot of specialist knowledge.


We believe that good legal advice is based on precaution, proximity and trust.


And the most important thing is: we help people.


The JuraSnacks should convey all of this. We first present 1-minute professionally shot and 15-second spontaneously recorded JuraSnacks.


Supports and follows JuraSnacks if you like it. Thank you and have fun with our ju culinary tastings.




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